A different way of teaching languages with ludic material rather than schoolbooks.  I’m working in Evere and more widely in the Brussels area.


Students :

  • You still don’t get it ?   with an update-module you’ll realize the other language isn’t that difficult ! (articles, grammar tips, exercices and dialogue;
  • Social interaction with other native speakers….  it remains difficult ?  with a refresh-package, it’ll all become clear.   You’ll discover the logic behind the language and how to transpose it into daily conversations;
  • And if you need some support with your current studies, a tutoring based on your course material could be an option.

Adults :             

  • “Kan u me helpen ? “ “Pouvez-vous m’aider ? “ Being able to help others is always nice , no matter the language ….  Furthermore, “trilingual” on a C.V. is quite a strong advantage.
  • A customized module based on your needs and expectations will learn you how to express yourself spontaneously and fluidly.

 Societies :

  • Offer your employees the opportunity to progress in the other language.  A smooth communication between colleagues helps creating an optimal working environment; a clear  and precise communication with clients and suppliers benefits the profitability of your company.


How does it work ?

  • online (skype, zoom, WhatsApp, whereby, ….)
  • at my place, In Evere
  • at your place (Evere and Brussels area)
  • at your office


What does a course look like?

I decided to go for “another way” of teaching and a more “ludic”approach.

All modules are individualized courses tailored to the age, level and/or level to be achieved. With articles, stories, dialogues, videos and more we’ll look into the language : vocabulary, grammar, exercises and improvisation…..


One-to-one lessons :

The module is continuously updated in function of your improvement. We’ll start with “How do you say this” ? and “why is it this way ?” and you’ll learn how to translate all this in the spoken language :   communication, dialogue and improvisation.


Small-group lessons :

Novice-intermediate level : participants are invited to express their opinion  about  casual and/or professional topics..  A real exchange…

Higher level : participants are invited to discuss about more serious topics : they will have to defend their idea with strong arguments…..



Jen - «Arlette is very friendly and kind. It is a pleasure to work with her. I appreciate that she prepares each lesson, in advance, and considers which topics I need to learn! »

Karasinska - «I like to work with Arlette. Our classes are structured, deep and fun. We take rather more complicated materials to learn and practise structures and forms like real articles from newspapers which gives me the understanding of real language. When we see that some area needs more practice, Arlette proposes excercises on that on the following class. I like that we are flexible in topics and we can discuss whatever we find interesting. I am looking for the talking language first of all so we are already trying to talk:) We also are flexible in face-to-face/video classes so we can continue when I am away from Belgium.»

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